Friday, November 11, 2016

A pair of socks and an idea

Another pair of hand knit socks. These feel so good - I can't wait to wear them! This yarn comes from Halifax, Nova Scotia, but I think it is available in the US.  I bought it last spring in Baddeck, NS. 

The yarn is Fleece Artist Cottage Socks in the color Forge Fire. 
Things are moving slow around here. We are both sick with colds or maybe it is something else. It kind of comes and goes but doesn't go away. We have physicals next week and decided to wait to see the doctor until then. Hope that wasn't a mistake.
During one of my good hours, I put this quilt on the wall and it just seemed too plain. Of course, I'm not a green person but it really needs something.

So I have an idea... stay tuned!


  1. Your socks look so cosy and warm! Your green quiklt looks beautiful just as it is, but I know you'll do something even more special with it! Sorry to hear you are not feeling well...maybe today will be better.

  2. Feel better quickly. Nice socks. I love socks.



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