Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Retreat

I spent the past 3 days in Oregon, IL at the Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center quilting with friends. On Thursday evening, tornadoes hit very close to this Center. We shared the campus with a team I think from Arkansas that came to help with the storm cleanup.

This group tries to quilt together once a year and it is so much fun to renew the friendships. We missed Leona this year - she is in Florida with family.

The rest of us enjoyed beautiful weather and visiting with each other.

We worked hard. Bets brought a number of things to work on.

Saundra stayed busy with a large project.

Ann was working on a large project with small pieces.

Barb had a few different things going.

Polly was able to do everything she planned to do!

Krista sat in front of me and accomplished lots.

Sandy wasn't sure why I need to take pictures...

Well... I needed to catch people sitting on the floor, playing with fabric...

... and someone dressing herself in quilt blocks!

In the next post, I'll share some of the projects.


  1. I love retreats, but I would think that the best retreats are ones where a group of friends get together like you all did. How lucky you are to have a group of quilty friends to get together with.

  2. Yup, agree with Kathy (above) the friendships and the visiting are priceless!!!!!

    1. This group of friends just happened to meet at a retreat a few years ago. I'm happy that we get to stay in touch via Facebook and quilt together every year. ~Jeanne

  3. Glad you were safe from the storms. Scary! Glad you had fun at the retreat.



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