Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ray's Yarn but My Sweater!

We saw the yarn; 
Ray loved the yarn;
 We bought the yarn.

 We bought all they had. 
Then we couldn't find a pattern 
that only used that amount of yarn.  
We just didn't have enough. 

After months of looking, 
the yarn became mine. 
I had no trouble finding a pattern 
that used that amount of yarn. 

The pattern is Laurie by Josée Paquin.

The yarn is Rowan Felted Tweed DK.

The sweater is super soft.
It looks great with a navy scarf I own.

I'm really glad that
we saw the yarn,
Ray loved the yarn,
and we bought the yarn.
I love the yarn too!


  1. Lovely sweater! And I especially like the different knitting at the neck/shoulders.

  2. I LOVE sweaters and that one is no exception!!!!

    1. Thanks! This one is very soft and comfy - glad it is mine! ~Jeanne

  3. As always you do such lovely work. Maybe Ray will find more yarn that he really likes. He sure picked out some nice yarn for you!



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