Sunday, March 8, 2015

Still drying...

Oh yes, the dehydrator is still running and running and running....

I dried cabbage - it is like paper! I did both green and red cabbage but I kept them separate.

I dried some frozen corn. It is very hard when it is dried. It reminds me of field corn and would work great in the bags that one throws in the game Corn Hole until it got wet and rehydrated!

I sliced lemons about 1/4" thick and left the rinds on. Of course, I washed them very well before slicing. They'll look great as a garnish.

I tried corn chips. I guess that was my biggest flop. We really didn't like them although I think they turned out like they were supposed to!

It's was so cold for a while that I didn't wanted to go out to the grocery store. I would go to hockey games and just want to come home to a warm house.! I think I waited an extra 5 days before I finally bought groceries! It was wonderful having all the dried food in the house - we ate well!

We had an Au Gratin Squash Casserole as a side dish for dinner this evening. It's a baked dish - a white sauce with dehydrated onions, dehydrated summer squash (yellow squash and zucchini), and cheddar cheese. This was definitely NOT a flop - we'll be having it again.

Now I am experimenting with more fruit leathers. I want to make some Instant Soup Mixes this week. And I want to make Vegetable Stock powder. There is so much to try!

My dehydrated inventory at the present time:

apple chips with cinnamon and sugar
blueberries - gone - need more!

cabbage - green
cabbage - red
carrot chips
carrot pieces
carrot sticks
garlic - purchased as dehydrated
green beans
lima beans
mushrooms - portabella
mushrooms - white
onions - getting low - need more!
peppers - colored
peppers - green
potatoes-riced - gone - need more!
potatoes - shredded
potatoes - sliced
zucchini shredded
zucchini and yellow squash slices


  1. I'd love to have that squash recipe! blessings, marlene

  2. It sure sounds like you are going great guns with your dehydrator! It also sounds like you are really pleased with the brand you have. I don't remember what kind it is.



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