Monday, March 9, 2015

Remodeling is done - maybe!

The kitchen is done - check.
This began with refacing the cupboards and grew to include new countertops and backsplash. It was very sunny outside today so some of the photos have bright spots. The upper and lower cupboards are the same color.

The floors are done - check.

After the kitchen was finished, the floors looked horrible. Our house is pretty open and redoing the floors meant redoing the entire first floor except the bathrooms. The kitchen is a vinyl tile that looks like ceramic. We couldn't do ceramic because the refrigerator was too close to the overhead cupboard. 

The living and dining rooms are hardwood - hickory. 

The family room, hallway, and bedroom have frieze carpet. The bathrooms both have ceramic tile that was done a few years ago.

The bedroom is painted - check.
The whole first floor was painted last spring except for the bedroom and bathrooms. The bathrooms were done a few years ago. The bedroom - hmm, we don't remember. It really needed to be done and now it is!

And NOW, we need to do something about drapes and curtains - UGH! 
We really could use some new furniture in the living room but NOT now.

When this whole thing started, I remember saying ok to the cupboards and that we would update the appliances to stainless as each one died. I really didn't know this was going to mushroom out of control. We will live with the window coverings for the time being but they will be replaced...then we're done... unless we decide to get new furniture! Will it ever end??!


  1. I can see you have been really busy - your house looks beautiful.Good luck with your curtains...its not easy ...but I am sure you will do well with them.

  2. I can really see what you haven't been blogging much recently! You and hubby sure have been busy as bees! Of course, remodeling inside is a good winter project! Everything looks just lovely! What is the pattern of your quilt? I think it looks great!

  3. Beautiful! You know... you could always make a quilt curtain =)

  4. You refaced your cabinets? I would LOVE to get all new cabinets, but our house is only 6 1/2 years old ... there's no way we could justify spending that much money. While I like the style of our cabinets, I hate the finish/stain. I've been debating having them refaced - probably a sturdier finish that painting them. How did yours turn out? Any advice/tips/suggestions?



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