Sunday, January 4, 2015

A New Sweater for the New Year

Happy New Year!

It was a quiet Christmas and New Year here ... since we got colds and were both sick! We did enjoy our big gathering Christmas Day and also a gathering the day after Christmas. Then the sickness came again - ugh! But now it is a new year and we seem to be well! Ray still has a cough but we hear that might hang on a while.

During the last couple of weeks, we didn't do much but every so often I did knit and I finished Ray's sweater! He wore it to church this morning. Not only does it fit, he likes it!

The color is correct in the photos but you can't see the small detail - there is a muted stripe across the chest, both front and back.

The pattern is # 991 Neck down Pullover for Men by Diane Soucy. That stripe detail is my addition to the pattern. I used Plymouth Yarn Galway Worsted (color 760) that I bought at Wall of Yarn in Freeport, Illinois.


  1. What a fine looking sweater on a handsome man! ;-) That's a good color for him. Well done!

  2. Sickness seems to have been the unwelcome 'guest' at so many homes this past Christmas/New Years!!! Glad to 'hear' that you are on the mend!! The sweater is beautiful (handsome?? as is the 'model'!!!!). Our holiday season was quiet (no sickness, though) and lovely. Getting back to some type of normal. Headed to TX on the 14th for a few weeks....hope the weather warms both here and there!!!! Hugs....

    1. I think we always appreciate our good health more after a bout of something! It is nice to feel good! Thanks for the nice compliments on Ray's sweater. It's the first one I've made him in over 40 years! I really must go find that first sweater - I think it is with all of our cross-country ski stuff. He really likes this sweater and says he wouldn't mind more! Hope you have a wonderful, safe trip to Texas. It will be much warmer than today and you shouldn't have snow. ;) ~Jeanne



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