Friday, November 7, 2014

One last picnic this year!

We had lunch at Pilgrim's Pantry, a Mennonite Bulk Food Store and more near South Wayne, Wisconsin.  A couple of times each year they have a special event with a meal. Today and tomorrow is their Fall Open House. 

We had grilled cheese sandwiches grilled outside, potato chips deep fried over an open fire and apple cider donuts made in their bakery. We ate at a table outside while we talked with some members of the family that run the store. The open fire where they were making potato chips provided welcome warmth! 

I was talking with a Rachel, a sister-in-law of the owner and I think she was surprised to find that I was a quilter. We have enjoyed visiting with her before and today was no exception. The young man making the potato chips joined our conversation and we had an interesting discussion about Lancaster County, PA. He has relatives there, Rachel was there last spring, and we were there recently. 

After we ate, we did a little shopping in the store and enjoyed the many samples available for the open house! We also saw other people we knew and enjoyed ourselves. 

It's cold and overcast but it was still fun to enjoy one more picnic this year!

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  1. That meal sounds divine! I think, in part, to the fact of how it was prepared! What a fun outing that must have been. yes, I'm waaaaay behind on my blog reading. ;-)



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