Friday, June 13, 2014

A Fun Knitted Vest

In the last few months, I've been doing more knitting than quilting. Knitting is very easy to transport and requires no preparation on my part. It's been my go to craft during Ray's surgery and doctor appointments. 

I just finished a vest - the pattern is India Sweater Vest, designed by Beth Q. Beck and published by Cardiff Bay Handknits. The yarn is Gina by Plymouth.
Actually I finished it a while ago but just sewed the buttons on today.

This was my first time using self-striping yarn. Stripes don't match and my balanced Libra self will need to overcome a little discomfort!

A closeup of the front - interesting stitches and texture.

The back has a different texture.

A side seam - where the back meets the front.

Sorry the photos aren't the best - I just held my camera high above the counter and shot! Speaking of the counter, did you notice our brand new granite? The kitchen isn't quite finished but the counters are in and we have water again - yay!


  1. I love that vest! So pretty and gorgeous textures. Well done.,

  2. I really like your sweater vest! I never did learn how to knit, but those are some lovely stitches! I'm funny about being balanced as well. I guess it's because I am also a Libra! The granite that you picked was really pretty.

  3. I like the textures. I haven't a clue how people turn yarn into sweaters.

  4. I'm not a knitter but I love knitted things - and vests! I'm a Libra too but I could so get used to this vest even with stripes not matching. :) blessings, marlene



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