Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A knitted shawl

I finished this shawl on the April 21 and just forgot to post! At 20" X 62", it's snuggly and warm. 

I used my own pattern and Kenzie yarn. I did an 18 stitch cable on both long sides of the shawl with 3 full rows of garter stitch on all four sides. The rest of the shawl, the center 54 stitches in each row, was also garter stitch. 

close up of one side

 I used the cable design from Knit Picks Cable Mug Cozy with slight modification.

close up of other side

The color is more like this - a little teal.

I think this shawl will spend a lot of time in the car - it feels wonderful when we are traveling.


  1. Gorgeous shawl! It will come in so handy when you're traveling.

  2. I second the gorgeous! Love the color.



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