Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A few things....

We went to Madison yesterday and did a little shopping - birthday, not Christmas! Last night we ate at the Coliseum Bar. We'll go back - it was really good!

Today,  I saw the surgeon for my 6 month post op check. All is well. I got to finally see the x-rays and all of the metal in my back - there is quite a bit! We also could see where the 'cement' is between the vertebrae. It was all quite interesting but I'm more delighted that I am healing well and only have 6 months to go to be released from care. 

We ended up eating lunch at Meriter Hospital - just across the Sky Walk from the surgeon's office. It was nice to see their new sign showing that they are one of the Top 100 Hospitals in the Nation! It was also nice to be there and not be a patient!

We stopped at The Quilt Trunk in Fitchburg, Wisconsin on the way home today. (I don't think they have a website.) I found fabric! 

I think this will be a nice winter throw backed with flannel. So much for no more big quilts...

We've been in rain and snow all day. When we finally headed home, the precipitation was tapering off. There was a good ground cover of snow when we got home. Grandpa Ray had to make a snowman and we had to take a picture. This is for Granddaughter Grace:

The snow was very icy and we tried to use M&Ms for the eyes and mouth but they just kept falling out. Anyway, Grace, this is for you just like you asked! 

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