Friday, October 14, 2011

People Pillows

Grandchildren are so much fun. One day during the "big visit", the Dads (our two sons) and the six older children (ages 22 months - 7 years) spent the day at our house. I had planned a project that I thought would be fun.

I called the project People Pillows. I got the idea from a blog that referenced here. I made the pillows a little smaller and put a zipper pocket on the back. One side of the pillow is flannel. By using felt shapes, the flannel side becomes a flannel board. The felt face pieces can be stored in the pocket on the back of the pillow. Lots of faces were made! For the two little guys, I appliqued a face on the flannel.

We started by stuffing the pillows.

  Some were VERY serious.

Some questioned what we were doing.

And some were silly!

The second step was to cut out felt pieces for the faces - the Dads helped draw but the kids did ALL of the cutting.

 Hard to believe that every piece of felt I own has something cut out of the middle!

I think if you carefully remove these sunglasses, there are blue eyes underneath! 

Lots of detail in this one.

A pirate with a pig nose!

I'm sorry we didn't get photos of all of the pillows ~ we were all busy having fun!

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