Sunday, July 17, 2011

Loving Farmers' Markets

I love Farmers' Markets. I could go everyday! 
We went to the market in Elizabeth on Friday night - our first real market this year.  
My favorite vendors are John and Sara - before I retired, I taught with John. 
We also bought produce from a gardener here in town Saturday.

So last night I cooked! Cooking is something new in my recovery. 
Ray grilled burgers (beef from John and Sara). 
I fixed red potatoes (from John and Sara), green beens (from John and Sara), yellow beens (from market) and sweet corn (from John and Sara). 
Of course, I forgot to take pictures - I was so excited to be fixing an almost whole meal! Anyway, the Illinois Farm Bureau posted a recipe on Facebook yesterday for bacon wrapped green bean bundles 
This is the recipe photo. You might want to try them - really good!

Tonight I cooked again! Ray grilled pork chops (from John and Sarah) - wonderful!

I fixed green beens (from John and Sara) using a recipe I got from Lori - wonderful!

And sweet corn - yes, already. It was from John and Sara! Wonderful!

Also a little zucchini from John and Sara. Very good!

We had a little bread from some wonderful baker at the market. 
We ate over half of it before tonight!

As if that wasn't enough, we had fresh raspberries for dessert (from a local gardener) - wonderful!

And we just had to add a little cool whip!

I just love going to the Farmers' Market and then eating the bounty!

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  1. I think I'm coming to your house! I'm going to try those green bean bundles. They look wonderful!



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