Friday, June 3, 2011

Update - 6 weeks

Six weeks is my first milestone! I saw the surgeon this morning. 

The strength in my legs is good - I am progressing fine. In the next 8 weeks I can push to walk a little longer each day. I can eventually try a gentle bike ride! And I can go swimming (but can’t really swim). I can also get out more which is wonderful - I'm getting tired of being home all of the time.
I told him I got very tired and he laughed saying that would last for quite a while. So I still have many naps to go - right now I get at least three naps most days. I always thought taking a nap was something special. Now I look at it like a preschooler - naps interrupt important stuff!
The downer is that I cannot go visit my mom. I originally thought I would be home bound for 3 months so I didn’t think I would see her for some time. The problem is infection. When I do finally get to go see her (hopefully in 8 weeks), I have to come home and shower with chlorhexidine to cut down on the possibility of infection.

My restrictions are pretty much the same but the report was a little better than I had hoped so I'd call it a good day! In 8 weeks, there will be x-rays that will affect the next report and hopefully some restrictions will be lifted. Physical Therapy begins Monday.

Needed: More patience...

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