Thursday, June 2, 2011

A new granddaughter!

Ivy Annalice was born May 27, 2011.

We won't be able to see her for a while but she will feel our love in her new quilts. She should have received them today.

The summer quilt is soft and simple.

There is no piecing and no quilting. This is more like a sheet.

The warmest quilt has Minkee on the back. Ray picked out this pattern.

I like the colors. The background is a light turquoise.

Here's the back. I've never used the Minkee dot before.

We came across a pattern using 1930's reproduction fabrics. The reproductions are not really my taste so I've always ignored them. Ray loved the fabrics. I liked the pattern and thought our son and daughter-in-law would like the older look of the fabrics. And I really like it!

The pattern was for a queen size quilt with six plain borders. So, of course, I changed it! I had to make the 'pinwheels' smaller and I added the colorful border.

And in one corner, within the heart, there is a piece of Boston Ivy with Ivy's name it it. 
In case you are not aware, the ivy at Wrigley Field, home of the favored Chicago Cubs, is Boston ivy.

And here is the back. 

I can't wait to hold our newest grandchild!

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