Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pain and Patience - part 6

I got the news on Friday that I will have spine surgery and it won't be pretty - a 5 hour surgery with a number of days in the hospital and a very long recovery time. The Doc also said I would lose weight - first from the surgery and then from being too sick to eat. Hmmm, none of this sounds like fun.

The surgery is scheduled for April 21 but I am on the cancellation list if anyone should happen to cancel an earlier surgery. I also have a number of appointments scheduled: the surgeon, the nurse practitioner, the surgeon's nurse, the brace company to make my custom fitted chair back brace, and spine education class.

I'd like to get this over with now - oh, there is that patience thing again!

The Doc says a year recovery - I take that as a challenge. Hopefully I make it in much less time. I am ready to let go of this pain and get on with my life.

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