Thursday, February 18, 2010

An interesting week!

It has been an interesting week!

I have been working for the U. S. Census Bureau but was called at noon on Monday and was told to stop working. Evidently there is a problem with my FBI background check! Actually it is my fingerprints - they are light. I have been fingerprinted five times for them and offered to do it digitally but was told no. So they want my fingerprints the old ink and paper way and then they are trying to digitize them - go figure! Anyway I began working in March and now in February, they have caught up with me! I think I have earned $15 more than I need for my 4 Social Security/ Medicare quarters this year so it is fine if I'm done - whenever I get the letter explaining the problem I will decide whether or not to appeal.

Ray has been down all week with a bad cold and I have been resting my back so it has been a quiet and restful time to watch the Olympics. I have also been quilting - photos coming soon.

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  1. I always knew there was something shifty about you! lol :)



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