Friday, February 19, 2010

A finished Red, White, Blue, Tan Quilt!

A year ago I posted some photos of works in progress. Well the Red, While, Blue, Tan Quilt is done!!! Shortly after I retired in the spring of 2005, I saw a quilt in an Eleanor Burns book that Ray really liked. The pattern wasn't in the book - the quilt was just in a photo but I decided to make it. It wasn't a priority so it took years and was always put aside when other quilts had to be done. Our quilt is about 102" X 120" and hand quilted.

I tried to drape it over a chair - I now think it is much bigger than the one in that book!

I put it on the bed trying to get a full picture but you can't see the borders.

This shows a corner. I wanted to miter the corners but who knows what my thought process was when I cut out the pieces years ago...

And this is where it will be for now - at the foot of our bed.

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