Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Home again

We arrived home last night. Yesterday morning we ate breakfast at the motel and my brother Jim joined us (we didn't know he was in the area yet)! Betsy didn't make the trip due to side effects from her chemo. As funerals go, Uncle Bud's was very nice. Dave, Eric, and Jim spoke, as well as a few friends - all spoke with great feeling and love for this wonderful man. My uncle is buried in a very old country cemetery which is very small and the terrain was covered in snow and ice. It was quite remarkable that no one fell and that the pallbearers made it down the hill to the gravesite without incident- I know they were concerned. At the visitation and the funeral, I was able to see relatives that I haven't seen in a few years. At the funeral yesterday, a friend of my aunt's got up to speak and it hit my brothers and me at the same time as to who it was - Roxanne is my aunt's age (about 10 years older than me) and grew up across the street from us when we were in grade school. None of us had seen here in maybe 50 years! At the luncheon, we all were reunited and had a wonderful visit.

It was nice to get up today and not get into the car. We put away all of the Christmas decorations and the tree. Late this afternoon, we put on our Yak Trax and walked to the post office - it was COLD! We're not supposed to be here but we have things already happening tomorrow, Friday, Saturday...!

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