Friday, January 2, 2009

Beckley, WV

Brad came by this morning about 7AM to leave a few things off for us to deliver to Illinois. Then we had breakfast at the motel and talked with Stan. He is the maintenance man at the hotel and we see him every time we stay there so he always has to visit with us...

We got on the road early (for us) and things went well until we got north of Winston-Salem, NC. We started getting freezing rain and the temperature dropped to right around freezing.

We saw these signs before every bridge. Well, they mean it! The roads were pretty clear but the bridges were not! We saw many accidents - imagine fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, tow trucks. Then add pickup trucks on their roofs, SUVs on their sides, trucks that have rolled, cars that are smashed. Now multiply that by 10 or more.

We spent time waiting more than once ....

When we would finally get past an accident, people were cautious - they hit their brakes at every bridge. FINALLY, people seemed to realize that slowing down before the bridge was better! We made it but it was stressful driving for Ray - not so much the ice as the NC drivers!

We stopped in Wytheville, VA. and visited a neat little fabric shop with lots of batiks. They recommended the Log House restaurant - it was very good. We were warned the service was very slow - they were right!

Inside the Log House restaurant.

In West Virginia every county seems to be a Certified Business Location. What's with that?

Well, we are in Beckley, WV. tonight. We went to the mall and walked for a while. There is a lot of traffic and a lot of people around here - LOTS of skiers. So it takes a while to go anywhere and do anything. We are now back from dinner and plan to just relax.

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