Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Dehydrator Is Still Running

The dehydrated is still being used most of the time. One of these days, I'll slow down but right now there is so much to learn and to try.

I've done some potato slices since I last posted. I cooked the potatoes. Then I peeled and sliced them. Next time I will peel and slice first and then cook. I think it will be easier to slice on the mandolin. They dried fine and I can use them in scalloped potatoes or soup or whatever.

There were some pieces of potato as a result of trying to use the mandolin to slice them. So I 'mashed' up the pieces with a fork because I was too lazy to go get the ricer. They dried fine. One of these days I'll try rehydrating them and adding a little butter and milk... It might work!

I tried okra - I used frozen slice okra so I just put it on a tray and dehydrated. It worked fine and I've already used some in a stir fry.

The lima beans dried fine. I used frozen ones. I haven't used any of the dehydrated ones yet. 

I had frozen some chopped green peppers last fall. They are now out of the freezer and dried. Earlier I tried some colored peppers. I cut them up, blanched them, and then dehydrated them. All dried fine and I've used them in a number of dishes.

I've done more grapes - they take forever but are so good! I do blanch them and wonder if they would dry faster if they were in boiling water longer than 1 minute.

Right now there are banana chips, apple slices, and pea pods in the dehydrator because the bananas weren't going to be used before they became overripe, we are almost out of apple slices, and I had some leftover pea pods from a stir fry the other night. Yes, this really is going to save money!


  1. I've done sweet potatoes but not white potatoes, except for hash browns. And this week I did more onions and okra. I've found I like Kroger frozen vegetables more than WalMart. They are cut a bit larger and dehydrate to a good size. :) blessings, marlene

  2. Dried grapes - are they the same as raisins? Only better, right? You're really giving your dehydrator a work out. ;-)



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