Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Baby Quilts done!

I've been busy - I guess too busy to post!

The boy baby quilt is done. 

Shown on our brand new dining room floor.

The back is Minkee. I used my walking foot to quilt this with a chevron pattern.

I needed another girl quilt because I really didn't care for the one I made in January. The backing color is too far off from the front. 

I made another Irish Chain. This is a couple of inches larger than the one I made earlier - it is about 45" square.

Shown on our brand new family room carpet.

This time the pink on the front really does go with the pink on the back but I'm not sure it looks like it in the photo below. I used my walking foot and quilted a grid pattern. I love the 'striped' Minkee except it was a pain to hand stitch the binding down. 

There is still a blue and white Irish Chain waiting for a backing. It will either end up as another baby quilt or get some borders and become a lap quilt. Either way, it will be a donation quilt one of these days.

Now we are waiting for a two babies to be born. One is a girl and the other we don't know. But I am ready! And the babies are due now and with this storm... who knows!


  1. Exciting things happening around your place! The floors look awesome. I'll bet you are happy they are all done. The quilts are so pretty. Lucky babies... why do they always wait for a storm to be born? Silly babies. How is the dehydrating going?



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