Friday, August 21, 2020

Tiny Log Cabins quilt is finished!

I began working on some tiny log cabin blocks about a year ago. I think I had 64 blocks done when the pandemic began and finished the other 80 in the last few months. I found sewing them to be very therapeutic.

The 1" square center of each block is a white fabric with tiny red squares. The block finished at 4" square. For the light side of the blocks, my criteria was white, beige, or soft colors. For the dark side, I wanted bright colors. Once in a while, a piece of fabric was used on both a light side and a dark side - that's character, right? Tiny Log Cabins did make a dent in my tiny scraps. Yay!

I decided the quilt needed borders and auditioned different colors. Everything I tried looked good but I liked this red the best.

This donation quilt is 58" square. 

The finished top sat for quite a while because I couldn't decide how to quilt it. I've always wanted to do a giant spiral on a quilt so when I saw a photo online showing an off-kilter quilted spiral, it hit me that this would be a good time to try one. 

My spiral is centered - I thought it needed to be with the design of the quilt. I used my new echo quilting foot and free-motion quilting for the entire spiral. Using the foot was a bit of a learning curve and I had lots of problem on the center of the spiral. When I finally got the foot adjusted correctly, things went much better. I think I mentioned that I'd probably never do another one but then I looked at the finished quilt and decided I might! I used Aurifil #2600 Dove Gray 40-wt thread to quilt this and Aurifil #2600 Dove Gray 50-wt thread in the bobbin. 

The back is a blue with small, blended white spots. The binding is a striped fabric from my stash.

Not much else is new around here. I'm still dehydrating and freezing produce although it's winding down. I still plan to find and preserve potatoes, apples, and pears. These pictures show the last of the tomatoes, corn, and beans.

I'm still making masks but not in huge numbers.

We did order a new fireplace for our patio. Last Monday, Ray and I put it together. 

I think S'mores are on the agenda for later this evening.


  1. Love your quilt, it's so bright and happy! It will gladden the heart of whoever receives it. Love the spiral quilting. It's such a great way to quilt a projects with lots of seams. Enjoy the s'mores, happy stitching!

  2. Love, love love this one. But so tiny...I am amazed you did not give up! I think it is so perfect with the brights that make you smile. The spiral quilting worked well here. So often nothing really shows for our labor until you get to the border. My go to quilting color for thread is a taupe, or gray or very light blue. They blend with most things. Love the new fire stove.....good for fall nights.

  3. What a great quilt! Enjoy your new fireplace.

  4. I love this one! Always loved the log cabin but have yet to make one.

  5. What a gorgeous quilt finish, Jeanne! The red border and striped binding were perfect choices. I don't know that I would be able to give this away. LOVE it!

  6. Hi Jeanne, love that quilt and the little log cabins to make it. How kind you are to donate it. Good luck with the food preservation and I hope you enjoy the outdoor stove many times over! Yes, life is good.



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