Monday, August 5, 2019

I have a finish!

Enjoy each Day

I love our trips and my retreats and I also love being home. I've been home 1-1/2 weeks and I've enjoyed each day. I enjoy having some time in my sewing studio - I even have a finish. The blocks of this quilt each have 16 2.5" squares - 10 red and 6 white. Each block reminds me of a log cabin block so I named this quilt Square Log Cabin Diamond. This donation quilt is 59" square and has Dream Cotton Batting.

I free motion quilted loops on the white with Aurifil cream #2315 thread and meandering on the red with Aurifil dark red #1103 thread. The dark red thread was used for the entire red back. It felt so go to free motion quilt again but I really need some practice.

I used a walking foot for the borders and quilted straight lines.

The Jenny's Garden quilt top is finished. I made the blocks at the last retreat and now have them together and a couple of borders added. 

I once again have piles of quilts in various stages - I think it's becoming commonplace here!

There's been a lot of kitchen time freezing and/or drying produce. Some baking has happened too. There has also been some relaxing - I've read three books and done some knitting. Last week we enjoyed gorgeous weather and I loved being outside and on the porch.

I think we have a busy week this week so we'll just see how it goes. It's nice to just go with the flow...


  1. Love these quilts. Especially adore the red and white one. I read your description of 6 white and 10 red units, but I just can’t figure it out! Amazing!

  2. I really love that red and white quilt. It will make someone very happy. Glad you are getting some time in your sewing room.

  3. Both quilts are great but the RED is amazing eye catching showstopper! Needless to say, I love it! Great job on the finish and quilting.
    Glad you are back in the routine and enjoying home!

  4. A block is 16 2.5" squares arranged in a 4 X 4 grid (r=red and w=white):
    w w w r
    w w r r
    w r r r
    r r r r

  5. Both finished quilt AND completed top are gorgeous!!!



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