Monday, December 26, 2016

Finishes and more...

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. We hosted a large celebration yesterday and have been doing a lot of relaxing today.


My first finish is a basket liner. Our youngest grandson, age 2,  needed a basket/bin for his music stuff. We couldn't find a bin that looked childish so I made a liner to help this one look like his. 


Have I mentioned that a friend gifted me her stash? Well, she did! I was able to sort through and only keep what I thought I'd use which was quite a bit! So I'll continue working on my  clean-out-this-stash project...  

The  grandsons that live nearby came to make cookies right before Christmas. For the first time, we also made a gingerbread house. I 'glued' the house together the day before and they did the rest.

I thought I'd have to help but the 9-year-old did most of the frosting with the 7-year-old helping some. Everyone including the 2-year-old decorated and sampled the candy.


I have a few knitting finishes. The first is a Cabled Winter Headband. I used Cascade Yarns Cash Vero that I found in my stash. Yes, I have a yarn stash too!

The button is cherry wood.

Next is a hat. When I bought the yarn at Knit Circus in Madison, Wisconsin, the girl said it was enough to make an adult hat with the pattern Barley by Tin Can Knits. I tried making a hat but I didn’t have enough yarn. So I found the recommended pattern and began knitting the adult hat but ran out of yarn. Then I made the child's hat and had just enough. I wonder if my skein was the actual length that it was labelled. In any event, our youngest grandson likes his new hat!

And last is a hat that does fit me. The pattern Chunky Gansey Cap by Bonnie Marie Burns is a fast, easy knit. I used Jagger Spun Mousam Falls yarn and love my Gansey Hat.


One of my Christmas gifts was the Bernina ruler foot and ruler set. I was able to play for a while today.  One of these days, I'll have another finish to share.


  1. I love the music bin! So cute and personal.Such fun to make the ginger bread house.And love your knitting.

  2. I want the ruler foot/ruler package, but didn't get it. I'll use Christmas and Birthday $$ to buy it in February. I need the low shank version, no Bernina's in this house (even vintage ones, since I haven't run across one yet).

  3. you have been busy! What great projects you have been knitting (and pulling out and knitting again and again!). Gingerbread houses are so fun to make and decorate.... I've delegated that task to the kids Dad the last two years. I think I need to steal it back next year!

  4. I am looking at purchasing the Bernina ruler foot and some rulers. Hope you share your experience with us.

    1. Judy - So far I have figured out that there is a learning curve. So I decided to just use the straight ruler on a child size quilt. I'm close to having it finished and I'm much better at that ruler! I'll blog about my experiences as I go along. ~Jeanne

  5. I'm in love with that basket liner - how clever! blessings, marlene



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