Friday, January 15, 2016

Just Four Fun - first finish of 2016!

The pattern, Just Four Fun, is by Amanda Jean Nyberg. Amanda Jean loves scrappy quilts and bright colors - a girl after my own heart! 

As I had the 4-patches on the design wall, I took black and white pictures with my cell phone to see the color values - I wanted the darker colors to all be slanted the same way. It was interesting to see the photos but I guess I deleted all of them sorry.

Amanda Jean's pattern has a large white border. I decided to use some leftover squares in my border.  I halved the squares and stitched them end to end.

I used the rest of my leftovers both squares and pieces in the back. The blue is called Northern Lights. I bought it in Alaska a few years ago.

This quilt was on the design wall for a while while I tried to figure out how to quilt it. Then one day it just hit me - large loops.

Maybe you can see the quilting on the back better.

My quilt is larger than the pattern  - mine measures 47" x 53". I used Dream Cotton for the batting and Aurifil thread for  the piecing and quilting.

I'm working on more scrap quilts - I'd love to get control of some of my fabric scraps this year. We'll see how that goes...


  1. I love this! I can tie myself up in knots trying to do something complicated when something simple like these 4-patches can make a beautiful fun statement all on their own. Using up your squares to dress up the border was a great idea

  2. Beautiful finish and wonderful colors. Simple is always so great.

  3. I love this Jeanne - I have so many scraps that I need to use up so I've been looking for a fun pattern. This would work beautifully! blessings, marlene

  4. What a great little quilt! So cheerful. Your border really dresses it up nicely. Congrats on your first finish this year.

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