Sunday, December 20, 2015

A couple of knitting finishes

These have both been done for a number of days - I just found time to post!

The cowl is from the pattern Very Gifted Cowl by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. It is quite plain so every 10th row, I did a K1 P1 pattern for the entire row. The yarn is HiKoo by skacel Simplinatural, color 46 Crimson, that I bought last spring at Knit-n-Crochet in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  I can use the cowl as a hood so I guess it is called a snood.

The sweater is from the pattern Vineyard Pullover by Rosemary Drysdale. I used James C. Brett Marble Chunky that I bought last spring at Back Porch Quilts and Yarn in Livingston, Montana. I love the yarn. The sweater design is a little blah - I'll wear it some but I was hoping it would be a goto sweater with jeans. 

I'm currently knitting a vest in a lace pattern. It will be awhile before it is done...


  1. I think that sweater will do very nicely as a jeans topper!!! The cowl is perfect! I have one, thatbloggy friend Debby, made for me and can't believe how many times it has become a needed hood!!! Busy days! Blessings and hugs................

    1. I might get a chance to wear that sweater if it gets a little cooler. :) I've worn the cowl already and l love it. I need to try it as a hood - I don't think I've ever used a cowl as a hood. The days are busy - bet you are getting ready to head south. Merry Christmas! ~Jeanne



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