Monday, July 13, 2015

A quilting finish and more...

I have a quilting finish! It's a Christmas table runner and it really is flat! I took it out of the dryer and took a photo without flattening it ??? Guess I was moving on to the next thing on my list!

I started this last year before Christmas. When I knew I wouldn't finish it, I just played with the quilting. The back is some fabric that I found in my stash.

I am working on a Life Is Good t-shirt quilt. We have 27 Life is Good shirts that we no longer wear for some reason. I decided they should be made into a quilt.  Some of the designs are rather small so the normal block is about 7" X 7". Now I'm thinking that the sashing will also be made out of the t-shirts. So some blocks are cut with the sashing. This is what I have so far. The pieces are in no particular order on the design wall. The blocks with small pieces are composed of the designs from the back of the shirts.

I figure if I keep knitting once in a while, I'l eventually have a pair of socks. This is the progress on the first one. 

I won't need the socks for a while - it's rather warm here!


  1. Looks like you jumped into your projects as soon as you got home. Love those socks.

  2. Love the life is good shirts - so comfy. I always get dribble spots on mine. Great idea to make a quilt of them. The socks are looking good - should be done when you need them with a few stitches here and there. You are ahead of the game for Christmas decorating =)

  3. You've wasted no time getting back in the stitching saddle after your trip, my friend! I love the idea of the Life Is Good t-shirt quilt! Seeing your Christmas table runner has reminded me that I had planned to make one for this coming Christmas ... I'd better get started on it!



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