Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A very cold weekend...

This past weekend we went to a hockey tournament where Grandson Mack's team was playing (Son Brent is the coach). The tournament was in Baraboo, Wisconsin, and it was SO COLD! I think part of there facilities are permanent - the concessions stand, locker rooms, and restrooms. The rink itself seems to be temporary. We wonder if they take the plywood walls down in the summer. It was -6° F outside Sunday morning and close to that I think in the rink!

Mack had a few break aways like this one. He scored on a break away in the last game. Woohoo!

Mack on a break away.

We were at the rink for all three of Mack's games. Other than that we roughed it at Ho Chunk. Nice room!

That is Ray's camera bag on the bed.
It really was a nice weekend and it only took until Monday to get warm!


  1. I've been to Baraboo, but, not in winter. Hope you wore your new red vest to help keep warm. This winter has to end sometime.......

  2. I love hockey ... hockey would be my first choice if my grands choose to take up another sport besides swimming.



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