Friday, May 25, 2012

It's been a busy May!

It's been a while since I've posted - we have been busy!

The short update:
  • We are still spending time with our parents and taking care of things - we just sold my FIL's house!
  • I am still grading papers (I've earned enough money so now I am just fulfilling my contract.)
  • I still love my Norwex and even clean once in a while!
  • I am seeing a pedorthotist about the nerve damage in my foot - hope to be able to wear normal shoes soon.
  • The Apple store loves me and I love our new Mac!
  • Preschool Graduation was wonderful.
  • I quilt as often as possible.

Some highlights:

Grandsons Mack and Griffy stopped by on Mother's Day with a stepping stone they made for me.

Grandson Mack just graduated this week.

I pieced two batik table runners in February. I have finally quilted them. This one is fairly large and machine stippled.

I love the colors in this one - of course, it's blue! 
I machine quilted it with an all over stitch that reminds me of petals on a flower. 

Here is a close-up.

 If you look hard enough at the back, you'll see errors but overall it's not bad!

My free-motion quilting has really improved since January. I am really enjoying it and look forward to resuming 'class' in June. (We had the month of May off.) 


  1. Hello, Jeanne!!! Was wonderin' what happened to ya.....just "life", hmmm? The quilting is great- especially the blue/white (my kitchen colors for eons and the colors of my dishes!!!). The 'stepping stone' is a treasure as is that picture-lovely. So glad you were able to sell FIL's home. Such things are more difficult these days. Summer hugs to you!-D

  2. Glad you got in your quarters for Medicare and that you've been able to get in some quilting, what with all that you have going on.

  3. OMGosh it's such a busy busy time of year I agree!!! All of your projects are wonderful :) I meant to comment on this post way back when you posted, I think I fell asleep with the computer in my lap that night...hahaha



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