Saturday, August 6, 2011

Update - 3 months - actually 15 weeks!

I had x-rays yesterday and then saw my surgeon. My back is doing great. The healing so far is very good. Yes!!! 

My restrictions are gone! except for the ones I have for life 

We left the doctor's office and went to visit my mom. She is not doing well - the Alzheimer's is winning. I hadn't seen her in over 4 months and it was difficult to see how much her health had deteriorated. I spent some time feeding her and holding her hand. I am very thankful to have had that opportunity even though I had to take extra precautions against infection. The good news is I can go again.

I now begin working to get my body back to 'normal'. I figured out today that I have another uphill battle in front of me! The brace has to be history in 4 weeks - I love having it off but my back feels broken without it. I need more leg strength and I need to keep my core muscles in shape. exercise for life - ugh - but worth it!

I have no restrictions on travel but it will take a while to get used to riding in a car. I get to attend Quilt Camp in a month! We'll plan a trip to NC to see our newest granddaughter and the rest of her family when it's convenient for her parents. We know that will be a while yet but maybe before November which we had anticipated.

I wonder what my physical therapist has in store for me next week - he said we have lots to do if the doctor appointment went well! I also start aquatic therapy next week.

I see the Doctor again in November for a 6 month check-up. Then I should be released from his care in April at the 12 month check-up.

I feel that my prayers were answered.  All I hoped for from this check-up was the opportunity to see my mom one time and to have a few restrictions lessened including travel within a couple of hours.

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