Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Update - Week 3

I am 3 weeks out of surgery and I know I am getting better!

My mind is clearing and my healing is on a very slow but steady path. I am slowly tapering off of the narcotics.  I am still very dependent on Ray. I still rest a lot but I seem to be awake more. I move around the house easier and have taken a few steps without the walker. I think I have a temporary case of ADD - I don't keep at any task very long!

Today I broke the rule of being home-bound. We went to Ray's dad's house for about 3 hours. We are helping him to sort things so he can eventually move. It was so nice to do something useful for a change! Of course, I'm paying for the 'fun' this afternoon with a little extra pain.

And I just keep praying for more patience ...

1 comment:

  1. That must be SUCH a relief for you to get out of the house. It's crazy how staying home can get so weird. Yeah for you!



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