Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mack likes to cut!

The other day grandson Mack came and we made a small gift for his parents for Christmas. He had to do a little painting which he loved! He used every available color - even black. I'm glad we protected his clothes! He really got into the wrapping - especially cutting the paper with one of those wrapping paper cutters. He cut LOTS of paper. Now I wonder if he can keep the secret... 

No pictures of his gift - his parents read this blog sometimes!

Our next order of business was to made a new kind of cookies - Bumps on a Log. I found the recipe in one of my kids cookbooks. He loved rolling the dough into logs,

cutting it (especially cutting!),

and putting on the candy bumps. He especially likes green so there are lots of green bumps. 

It was a great time - wish our other grandkids lived close enough to spend such a rewarding afternoon.

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