Saturday, October 9, 2010

Out of control

We are still here - but feel a little like our lives are out of control!

This insulation project seems to have taken on a life of its own! The inside insulation upstairs is done. All three rooms are painted. Two of the four dormer closets are painted. The other two closets need drywall. We are slowly moving back upstairs. Most of the cleaning of stuff is done. We have lots of stuff to give away. Now the rest of the story...

I leave Monday for Quilt Camp. I return on Friday and we leave for North Carolina on Sunday. Not sure when we will be home. Sure hope we are cleaned up around here by Thanksgiving! Things just happen around here, not always planned but always interesting!

Here is a little reversible vest that I recently finished.

The pattern and the fabric are from the shop in Bayfield, Wisconsin. The pattern is by a local resident.

And I just had to try one of the hot dog or sausage pillowcases. Very easy and quick to make.

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