Monday, July 26, 2010

A bigger quilt in the works!

Last Monday I was at Lucky 2B Quilting Quilt Camp in Pecatonica. I put together a small Christmas wallhanging (which you'll see when it is quilted). Then I decided to start a bigger quilt. I think it will be about 64" by 76". It can be used as a throw or on a bed over a plain quilt. Here are the pieces so far:

I think I'll make it in 5 separate pieces that I'll put together after quilting. This is going to take awhile since I have other projects to do, but it will be fun to do a larger project again.


  1. Can you explain to me sometime how to quilt something and then put it together? How do you not get raw edges??? Love the pictures of the grandkids!

  2. Sure Lori! Maybe I'll even do a "how to" on here WHEN I get that far...



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