Friday, November 6, 2009

Mostly Halloween

Work with the Census Bureau is going well. My new job has two parts - recruiting people to take the employment test so they can be employed by the Census Bureau and administering the test. The Bureau wants me to work up to 40 hours a week (mostly in my own county) and is extremely accommodating about time off. I should have my 4th quarter for Social Security/Medicare on Tuesday! The job will most likely go into next year so hopefully I'll get one or more quarters in 2010.

We really enjoyed Halloween - lots of trick-or-treaters. I thought I'd share pictures of our precious grandchildren.

Grandson Mack was so wound up that he could hardly contain himself and stand still for a picture! He is the cutest Garden Gnome that we've ever seen:

The Grands in North Carolina had a Wild West theme going. This is Barkeep Jackson with his great mustache, slick hair, and serious expression:
And Grace made a delightful Saloon Girl. I love her left hand in the picture! What a doll!
Sheriff Colter is absolutely adorable!
And Crosby even got into the spirit! What a sweetie!

October 31 holds special memories for me; it was my dad's birthday. It is always fun to watch our grandchildren, "adopted" grandchildren, and many others making their own special memories of Halloween.

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