Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New dehydrator and floors

Yesterday was exciting - my new dehydrator arrived AND the fellows arrived to begin work on our floors at the same time! We are redoing all floors on the first level of our home.

I did lots of research on a new dehydrator and ended up with the one that Marlene at StitchinByTheLake recommended. You can see it here. Because of the work going on in the house, it ended up on the dining room table.

As soon as I was able to be in my kitchen last night, I washed all of the trays and liners. Then I fixed some banana chips and some pineapple slices and put them in the dehydrator. 

It was a long day waiting to try something! I spent much of the day reading my dehydrating books, The Dehydrator Cookbook by Gangloff and Preserve it Naturally by Excalibur.

This morning we had dried fruit. We also had a tray with 'crazy fruit' - pineapple pieces and banana pieces dried/fused together. (Sorry no photo.) It is really good! 

In the meantime... the fellows worked on the kitchen floor all day yesterday and again today. It was a late start yesterday due to weather but a lot of prep work was done. The old vinyl tile (the white with blue is going away. The new tile (earth tones) is replacing it - actually going down over it.

Today they put down the floor and grouted the tiles. Tomorrow they will replace the trim work and begin on the dining room and living room. Carpet will be replaced with hardwood floors in those rooms.

Hopefully these guys will be done by the weekend but maybe not until late Saturday. Then we can put back some furniture and begin moving other furniture because the family room, hallway, and bedroom carpet will arrive in a couple of weeks. 

At least I'll be able to use my dehydrator as I wait for the next installment ...


  1. What a job - replacing all the flooring - but I can see already that it will be so worth it when it's done.

    I like the "crazy fruit" combo - yum!

  2. Your tile floor looks great! I sure would like to do that in my kitchen and bathrooms. Do you have to move all of the furniture out before they start working on the wood floors?

  3. Your dried pineapples are probably much better for you than the chips I eat when snacking! Love the new floor tiles!

  4. It's a huge job getting ready for new flooring and moving everything out of the rooms, isn't it? How could you do it all at once? Looks great so far.

  5. You're going to love it - both the Excalibur and the new house! blessings, marlene



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