Wednesday, March 26, 2014

High Hurdles

I feel like we are in a high hurdle race.

At Ray's physical the last week of January, the doctor felt something hard during the prostate exam. The next week, the urologist also felt it. The PSA score was normal. A biopsy was schedule for a month later, March 5. And the results finally got back to us on March 19. Cancer. NOT what we expected. Everything was done in such a laid back manner that we thought there was just an abnormality. Although we know that Ray's dad passed away from prostate cancer that metastasized in the bone.

Our lives have changed. We have more phone calls, more email, more messages. Our sons are anxious to know what is happening with their Dad. We are too. 

The scans - a bone scan and a CT scan were done Monday. Today we saw the urologist for the results. We both felt blessed and relieved when the doctor said the scans are clear - the cancer is localized. 

One hurdle cleared!

We are in the process of freeing our schedules including a conference in Washington, DC. We will do whatever we need to do. We have a few more hurdles in this race.

We meet with the surgeon on Monday…

Ray feels good - in fact the best he has felt in a number of years! With the help of an Alternative Medicine Doctor, we  have both lost some unnecessary weight since January. We both feel so much better and we lead a very healthy life style. We know all of this can only help in the journey ahead.


  1. Oh no! Please know that I'm praying for Ray ... and for you, dear one.

  2. So sorry. I just put a post it note up to remind me to pray for you both.

  3. Thinking of you both and sending prayers and positive thoughts. You live such a healthy life style and I know this will help you tackle what lies ahead. Take care...

  4. So sorry for that news! It is great news that scans showed that the cancer is localized. Glad Ray is starting this journey in good health. You will both be in my thoughts and I'll be sending prayers your way.

  5. I know this is scary but prostate cancer is usually a really slow growing one and that's a very good thing! Prayers for healing! blessings, marlene



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