Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a little back pain

After lots of pain, seeing the doctor, having tests ... I now know that I have spinal stenosis and sciatica. I have medication and exercises. The medication lets me sleep and the exercises seem to be helping. We are still going on our Alaska Adventure.


  1. Not fun at all! I can relate. The best thing you can do while traveling is to stop every hour and a half or so and walk around a rest area or you won't be able to move at the end of the day. Trust me on that one. Another good thing to do while on the road is to put your foot up on the bumper and bend at the knee and waist and stretch as far as you can to stretch those muscles out over the nerves. It's amazing how much relief you can et by doing just those couple of things.

  2. Did this start suddenly? Alaska will be much more fun if you can get the pain under control.

  3. I feel better each day. This started about 5 few weeks ago - just some discomfort. Then all of a sudden a couple weeks ago I had constant pain. That's why all the tests - to rule out cancer and/or a fracture...



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