Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A little downtime and more

Happy 4th of July!

Yesterday we had lots of downtime. Ray didn't feel very well so we decided to just hang out. He slept, read a little, and watched some TV. I worked on my Brioche knitting, read a book, paid bills😕, and surfed the Internet. Late in the afternoon, Ray felt some better so we drove around Strasburg a little and went to Woodbine Farm Market. Later in the evening, we took a walk around our neighborhood.

The Farm Market was great. You may recall that I love farmers' markets. We found local peaches, local sweet corn, local tomatoes, and some delicious cookies. Our noon meal today was wonderful - BLT's, salad, sweet corn, and peaches! Sorry I have no photos - guess we were hungry! Ray's stomach was fine yesterday so the cookies did not make it to today! Have you ever had shortbread cookies with raspberry filling? Wonderful!

Ray feels fine today so we headed to Winchester (about 15 miles north) right after eating lunch. Our destination was Old Town Winchester. We didn't know if shops would be open but we wanted to see the area. A few shops and a few restaurants were open and there were people around but nothing was crowded. The temperature was in the 90s.
City Hall
One of the entrances to the Pedestrian Mall
Building in Pedestrian Mall

Building in Pedestrian Mall
Pedestrian Mall
Fun on a very warm day in the Pedestrian Mall
Pedestrian Mall
Old Courthouse and Civil War Museum
Side view of the Discovery Museum

After leaving Old Town Winchester, we stopped by Apple Blossom Mall and walked around in the air-conditioning for awhile. On our way back to Strasburg  we stopped in Stephens City. I wanted to see the Cloth Peddler, a quilt shop located in a pre-Civil War home dating to around 1840. When it was built, it was a Methodist Parsonage and the backyard was used as a field hospital during the war. We were both surprised when the shop was open! One of the owners, I think Kathy, was long arm quilting. Whenever she is quilting, the shop is open in addition to the normal hours.

I found lots of beautiful fabric but limited myself to these two pieces.

Does anyone know what Missouri Star Quilt Company did with this last fabric a little while back? Cloth Peddler is having trouble keeping it in stock because of a MSQC video or pattern. 

When we got back to Strasburg, we checked out the park - the location of the fireworks tonight. There is very little parking and we can see that they plan to close some streets so we are looking for another site to watch from.

Tomorrow we will head to Basye, VA where we are meeting our oldest son and his family. We can hardly wait to see all of them!


  1. Old Town Winchester looks like a wonderful place to visit! Glad Ray is feeling better and that you found a Market and a fabric store! Lucky you!

  2. Very interesting day and love seeing the Old Town area. Farmers Market draw me in too.



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