Thursday, September 14, 2017

Castle Danger

We are in Castle Danger which is just north of Two Harbors, MN. 

On Wednesday, our first stop was Kunert Kreations in Gordon, Wisconsin - she carries everything!

This isn't a great photo, but you might be able to tell that this is some pretty yarn that followed me out the door. It was hard to leave the beautiful batik fabrics but I did. ☺️

We headed on to Playing with Yarn in Knife River.

I'm just amazed by the huge inventory that these small shops carry. Some white Aran yarn came with us this time.

It was lunch time and we just had to eat at Betty's Pies.

Ray had the caramel apple pie for dessert

and I had blueberry. It was delicious! 

After checking into our rental, we went back to Two Harbors and saw the Two Harbors Lighthouse from afar. This historic lighthouse is now a Bed and Breakfast.

We traveled further north to Split Rock Lighthouse. There was lots of fog/mist over Lake Superior.

We were expecting rain this afternoon (Thursday) so we got moving early this morning and went to Gooseberry Falls and State Park. It is always a good day when I put on my hiking boots and backpack. The weather was overcast and the temperature in the 60s. We saw lots of evidence that fall is coming.

We hiked all kinds of terrain and we never fell in the water although we crossed it many times!
Some trails were paved; others weren't
There were many steps - concrete, wood, stone
We crossed many bridges and went under this one
We saw the upper falls, the middle falls, and the lower falls. I think we were above and below each of them.

It was after noon when we went on to Beaver Bay and found the Quilt Corner. I found fabric with just guitars - that is hard to find! I also found 4 small pieces to use in an upcoming quilt.

We had a late picnic lunch near Silver Bay Marina with a view of Lake Superior. It was cool and windy but nice. I especially enjoyed the view from the overlook at the marina.

The rain never did arrive this afternoon. Maybe later tonight...

Tomorrow we hope to do a little hiking on our way to Canada. Looking forward to another great day!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

First Stop on North Shore Trip

We headed to northern Wisconsin on Sunday. My two older brothers live on Shell Lake in the north woods. 
Dusk at Shell Lake
Dawn at Shell Lake

Jim lives there full-time and the Tom and wife Sandy live there about half of the time. Our brother John and his wife Annie were the only ones missing.
Jim, me, Tom (only missing John)
Jim, Ray, me, Tom, Sandy (only missing John and Annie)

One morning we took a hike in the woods - Jim has 20 acres in the country, away from the lake. We hiked around his land and found maple trees that he hadn't yet marked to tap. In the spring, Jim makes delicious maple syrup. Every year he seems to tap a few more trees.

The leaves are changing colors.

We also found some late blackberries - mmm, more eating! We did lots of eating.

Our Aunt Helen came and spent time with us. Fun!
Jim, me, Aunt, Tom
We had a great visit with everyone including Tom and Sandy's dog - Mr.Big. 

I was able to do a little shopping at Thimbles Quilt Shop.  I loved their selection of flannels but resisted! I think Ray was surprised. I bought one piece for binding on a child's quilt

and a few fat quarters that I plan to use in an upcoming child's quilt.

On the way north, I finished a pair of socks that I made for me. I used blue Crazy Zauberball yarn.

We left Shell Lake this morning and headed north to Minnesota and the North Shore of Lake Superior. When I find time, I'll share some pictures from today. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Wool, Fiber, Sheep, and Dogs!

It is time to catch up before we are off again.

I have a couple of knitting finishes. First is this teal sweater.

It fits great but I don't have a picture wearing it yet. Maybe you can see a little more of the detail in this photo. 

Next is this gray poncho. I had Ray snap this shot with my phone a couple of minutes ago - sorry about the sweat pants.

I knit this with a good friend as a knit along (KAL). The poncho was an easy knit in stockinette stitch.

Then I had to drop stitches. This is the first time I have dropped stitches on purpose! I do love the effect.

Yesterday, we traveled to Wales! That would be Wales, Wisconsin. We stayed in a very nice airbnb rental and attended the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival today. The day started cold and rainy. We never lost the clouds but the rain did stop. 

We spent some time watching the Sheep Dog Trials. We both enjoyed watching the dogs herding the sheep. I loved watching them run and also creep through the grass. 
Waiting to begin

We didn't check out all of the animals in the barns - I guess looking at all of the sheep didn't sound nearly as exciting as looking at all of the wool, fiber, and yarn. There were two huge buildings with vendors.

We did shop! Ray's sock yarn is in the back on the left; mine is in the front on the left. The blue on the right is for my top. All of this yarn is bamboo and yak from Colorado.

My sock yarn (right) is merino, bamboo, and nylon. Ray's sock yarn (left) is merino and nylon.

This blank is merino from Sophie's Toes. It will become a scarf/shawlette. In case you are wondering, a blank is a piece of plain machine knitted fabric that is then hand-dyed. One unravels the knitting and knits a garment with the crinkled yarn. The yarn will "uncrinkle" when it is blocked.

There were lots of food choices at the festival - we decided to be healthy and enjoyed microgreens salads for lunch. The we decided to indulge and enjoyed huge brownies ala mode. 

On the way home, we stopped at the Cooksville General Store and found some Australian rootbeer. We thought the bottles were a lot neater than the taste of the rootbeer.🙃

Now we are getting ready for a trip north - that would be north to Canada. We will leave on Sunday and stop in northern Wisconsin for a few days and also in Minnesota. 

Before we leave, we'll be at a party with a great group of Oldtimers (other retirees) tomorrow. 

Guess I'd better get busy with my to-do list. The next 30 hours are going to fly by!

Monday, August 28, 2017


I finished this cowl a while ago and I forgot to post it. The pattern is Chromatic Cowl by Amy Detjen I bought a kit at Knit Circus in June and made this for me. The yarn is Knit Circus Greatest of Ease in two colors - April Skies and Quoth the Raven. This was my second attempt at Brioche knitting and this time I succeeded! The photo leaves a lot to be desired!

Hugs Squared is done. This quilt is a gift but I can't say for whom. It is 72" X 84". The squares are all scraps of fabrics that I decided to clean out last summer. This is one of three flannel quilts using up most of the 'same' flannel scraps.

The back is also flannel with some leftover pieces from the front adding some interest. The batting is Dream Cotton. I pieced and quilted this with Aurifil thread. I did the machine quilting with a walking foot in double diagonal lines crossing each of the squares in an X. In the navy border, I quilted double lines parallel to the edge.

Ray's Chicago Bears socks are done and he likes them! The next pair will have the cuff a little longer but he said these are fine.

I thought I should include one more photo of our family trip to Lake Geneva. Youngest son and I both got parking tickets. The parking was all computerized and we had each paid $6. The tickets were issued exactly at the minute our meters expired. So if you go, be aware that there is no grace period - not even one minute! Oh yeah, the tickets were $20 each - no credit for the money already paid. I wasn't smiling about the ticket...

I am working on another one of the flannel scrap quilts - many of the intersections are off. For some reason, I decided to put the whole quilt together and then fix the problems. That wasn't smart! Hopefully I'll be ready to sandwich the quilt by the end of the week.


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