Wednesday, May 11, 2016

We are on our way...

“There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage 
like the beginning of it.” 

We are on our way! This journey will take us to the northeastern USA, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada, and a few other places along the way. We are  still celebrating life. Ray recently found out that he is still cancer-free after 2 years. We continue to cherish each day.

We left home this morning at 8:50AM. Our beginning mileage was 29,948. I had to note that so I remember.

We stopped for a picnic lunch at a rest stop - first picnic of the year! It was 75° and partly sunny - very nice. 

We were almost done eating when the male strip show began! An older man went to the back of his car and stripped off his shirt - he eventually found another shirt in his car and got dressed??! Then a younger man in a bicycle jersey and short shorts, who had been going back and forth from his car to the rest area building, stripped off his shirt, got in his car, and drove away??! That was it! End of show - whew!

Tonight we are in Indiana at the motel we stay at whenever we are in this area. They have a complimentary evening meal weekday nights. Dinner was tossed salad, a lasagna type casserole, Italian bread, and warm rhubarb crisp. Good!

Next up is a walk outside - we are just waiting for the temperature to get below 80°. We are under a severe thunderstorm warning so we won't wait too long before heading out.

It's been a rather uneventful day...except for those male strippers!


  1. Send some of that warmth our direction (minus the storm activity, if you please!!!). Look forward to your "play by play" travel accounts!!! Rejoicing in your great health news!!!!!! Hugs.....

    1. We'll try to bring some warm weather back! We've been informed of the tornado warning procedure at the motel - they haven't had to use it since last week ??!!?!? As we returned from our walk, we were hit by about 10 sprinkles; within 30 seconds, we had a downpour - yikes! ~Jeanne

  2. Looking forward to your travel reports. I had to wait to take my walk this afternoon as the first round of storms came through. We've got more coming before too much longer. As long as it doesn't take out our tv service, I won't mind ... the Blues are playing Game 7 vs the Stars.

  3. Enjoy your trip....I look forward to some fun adventures!

  4. Safe travels and enjoy the trip! Sounds like you have had an eventful start with the stip show. I do wonder what will happen tomorrow.



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