Tuesday, May 19, 2015

And So It Begins...

Today we began our Great Adventure, technically called Grandma and Grandpa’s Great Adventure 2015.

We wondered just how much we could pack in the Jeep. And…everything fit! Of course we had thought about it quite a bit and didn’t try to pack things we didn’t think would fit. We have everything we need and more. 

We got an early for us start. It was 50 degrees at 8:10AM and it got even cooler before hitting a high around 54.

We prefer to only be in the car 6 hours or less a day but we will push that a little for a few days. 

It was cool and very windy today but at least the drizzle stopped and we even saw a little sun. We enjoyed a picnic lunch in our car at Oleson Park in Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

After we left Illinois, we drove in Wisconsin, back in Illinois, and most of the day on Highway 20 in Iowa. Early on, I commented that we had gone 52 miles and Ray replied, "Only 5948 to go!" It will be interesting to see how many miles we end up traveling.

Most of the Iowa miles were flat - we saw many corn fields. As we got closer to the west side, the terrain became more hilly, similar to northwest Illinois. It was interesting to see the terrace farming something we don't see much of at home.

Tonight we are in Sioux City, Iowa. We had dinner and a nice visit with our niece Carli, her children, and her dad, Ray’s brother, Ron. 
Our great nephew, niece, and great niece.
Carli's family is moving in a few days – her husband works a couple of hours away and they bought a house closer to his job. Ron is moving in a few weeks. We are delighted that they took time from very busy lives to spend with us. And we are both sporting beautiful new rubber band bracelets that our great niece made for us.

Tomorrow we plan to drive the backroads of Nebraska. That is so much nicer than traveling Interstate 80.

States visited on this trip: 3


  1. My hubby would love a trip like this. I'm afraid I'm much more of a "hurry up, I want to get to our destination" kind of gal. ;-)

    Have a safe and enjoyable adventure!

  2. Looking forward to your updates. Safe travels!

  3. Safe travels. Taking the time and enjoying the route is usually the best part of the trip. Someday I plan to drag the kids on some long car rides up north with lots of stops to explore along the way.....

  4. Love it!!!! Traveling by car (or bikes) is my/our fave!!!!!

    1. Us to! The weather hasn't been the best but we are enjoying ourselves. Each day is a truly a gift.



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