Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Still Jumping Hurdles

Ray’s surgery has been schedule for mid-May at the University of Wisconsin Hospital. We both wish it was this week but the doctors don’t seem to be in as big a hurry! We were told it is a slow growing cancer and we know it has not spread but nevertheless, it would be nice to have it gone.

Ray was asked to be in a study for prostate cancer prevention – it will not benefit him but it may benefit our sons, grandsons, and others. We find out when he begins the study today. Some things do happen fast! We will be back in Madison soon so he can have the study work-up. His part will end the day before surgery.

Ray continues to feel well. We are so grateful that many of our prayers have been answered. 


  1. I've been thinking of (and praying for) you both since you reported your news. I'm sure it must feel like you have a sword hanging over your head, but I'll be praying for extra peace and comfort while you wait ... And that the waiting won't feel interminable. {{{hug}}}

  2. Oh no! Glad you both are feeling good but sorry about the news. Sending you both hugs and lots of prayers.

  3. Glad it is slow growing, but, I understand you wanting to get the surgery done NOW and get this taken care of. Still praying.

  4. I know what you mean about wanting it all to be over with. Very glad that Ray continues to feel well. I'll have you both in my thoughts and prayers.



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