Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Home Sweet Home!

It is wonderful to be home! 

On our way, we saw more cars and semis in the ditch than ever before. Many were in the ditch. Some had rolled and a few had wrecked. One semi trailer looked like it had exploded. What a mess! The roads across Indiana and into eastern Illinois were horrible. 

This morning at the motel breakfast, we talked with lots of people. Everyone was sharing what they had come through yesterday and wondering if continuing today was smart. We knew we had 75 miles of ice and then we would be fine so we decided to go for it. If we had been going east, I think we would have just hunkered down for another night.

We are so happy and relieved to have made it home safely.  I'm really glad we had my car - a 4-wheel drive jeep. The ice was still bad but the car handled the 'washboard' areas and the snow well. Ray drove the whole way and did a fantastic job! I think he has had enough winter driving for the year!


  1. So awfully glad to hear that you guys got home safely.

  2. We were in Jefferson City, Missouri at my sister's when the blizzard hit - 8" of snow in one night and -14 on the thermometer. Oh my. This Arkansas girl (south Arkansas!) is not used to that! blessings, marlene



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