Monday, August 12, 2013

We have arrived!

We have arrived in Estes Park. We weren't able to get into our house until late this afternoon. Then the moving in was delayed by an afternoon shower. Now we are unpacked, pretty much settled in, and have eaten. Just trying to figure out the TV! Oh, we'll sleep well tonight!

I have been posting daily mostly for our family to know where we are. Now that we are here, the daily posts will stop and the daily walks/hikes will begin! Eventually we'll share some photos though!


  1. Darn! Even though I don't comment much, I enjoy the daily updates. More pictures tho please??? :)

  2. Me, too. Like hearing your daily activities while I sit knitting in my chair.

  3. I'll miss hearing from you but am looking forward to your pictures. Enjoy!



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