Monday, December 3, 2012

Nov/Dec Journey 2012 Part 2

Out journey continues...

We have had an awesome weekend visiting friends in Durham, NC. Y was our pastor for six years. He and his wife, A, also a pastor, have three daughters, J, K, and L. When they lived in our town, we unofficially adopted them and became 'grandparents' to the girls.

Some highlights:

We helped pick out, set up, and decorate their Christmas tree! Fun!

Y, Jeanne, J, A, L, K, and Ray
Touring Bennett Place, the site of the largest troop surrender of the Civil War. This was a part of history that I did not know and it was interesting and fun to see plus it was a beautiful day to be outside!

Spending time in Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Wow! They were incredible on this December day - we can't wait to see them in the spring or summer. It was great to be outside for a nice walk in the park-like setting on the Duke University campus.
L and K holding up some bamboo.
Touring  Duke University with Y (a chaplain there) - especially seeing the chapel, the hospitals, the buildings with the blue stone, and the sports areas including time on the floor of Coach K court.
A fuzzy photo of Ray and Y
Sunday morning, I stayed with the 'not feeling well' daughter J, while Ray and all went to church where A is the Director of Children's Ministries. I evidently missed a great service, a beautiful church,  and meeting some really nice people. Next time I'll go!

Spending time playing games and visiting. Priceless!

While we were in the Sarah Duke gardens, L and K found a Farkleberry tree. They wanted me to take their picture with it for a mutual friend named Jim R. They send their love and prayers Jim and hope you are doing better!

We had a great time. Now we are in Wilmington, NC. It was 75 degrees today!!! We have a few days here with no special plans and a very nice condo. Dinner tonight was at Front Street Brewery - very good! I'm thinking we are doing way too much eating on this trip!

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