Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bare Branches - Free Motion Quilting Project Update

I've been AWOL for awhile from the Free Motion Quilting Project Quilt Along. I did not make the modern quilt - just too many projects already in progress! Now that free motion quilting is back, I'm also here! I have lots more to learn and lots of quilting to do!

This past week, we worked on a design called Bare Branches. First, I drew the design a number of times in my sketch book. Then, using Isacord thread, I stitched the design across the fabric. There is a lot of travel stitching (stitching over the same line of stitching).

Next, I attempted to do a more random design,

Bare Branches is a good design for me to know. I didn't have any problems with thread but I really had to think quite a bit as I was stitching! That was probably good for me!

This week, Leah Day is showing us a design called Tree Roots. It is like Bare Branches except the lines are not straight. Hmm, I might be doing a lot more thinking!


  1. You did a lovely job with your practice piece. I love that orange fabic, too!


  2. Looks good to me. Won't be able to join the group for a while, yet. Have to sandwich DB's quilt tomorrow and get that quilted. Some type of feathers,I think! Hugs, D

  3. Nice job! I had to think hard too. I think I hurt my brain:( haha OMGosh, I really need to go to bed.



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