Thursday, March 31, 2011

A couple of days in Madison

On Tuesday, we enjoyed another 1-to-1 class at the Apple Store. Of course our class was 1-to-2. The instructors remind me so much of guys I used to teach. And in a 1-to-1 class, the structure of the class is up to us so we get lots of questions answered and still learn more new things. Dwight was an excellent teacher!

We enjoyed a fantastic dinner at The Melting Pot. We had a gift certificate from some special people and decided to use it. 

The Big Night Out 4-course dinner was wonderful. 

We couldn't finish all of the 1st course - the cheese fondue with bread and apples. (There were also veggies but there was broccoli - we forgot to say anything. She offered to bring other veggies but we said no; we already knew there would be too much food!) 

We both finished the salad course!

The 3rd course with all of the meats and vegetables was delicious but there was so much food - strip steak, filet mignon, shrimp, ravioli, chicken, duck, red potatoes and mushrooms! 

Then the 4th course - we had the flaming turtle chocolate fondue with strawberries, bananas, rice krispie treats, brownies, pound cake, cheese cake, and marshmallows - we ate it all!

We were two well-fed people!

We booked our motel through Choice Hotels using our Farm Bureau discount for the first time. We had stayed at the motel before but this time we had a 2-level room! This shot is taken near the door. You can't see the bathroom by the door or the microwave and fridge on the right. 

The chair that Ray is sitting in is just like our new chair!

Upstairs there was a king-sized bed and a bathroom with a 2-person jacuzzi tub and shower!

 The windows were great but I couldn't get a good picture.

Wednesday was not nearly as exciting - lots of doctor appointments and tests getting ready for my surgery. I also got my brace fitted. 

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