Monday, June 7, 2010

Seeing Colonial Williamsburg

Monday, June 7

It rained last night and was finally cooler today - around 80 today. We decided not to go to the breakfast this morning. After thinking it over, it was too good to be true. And we were right! Hard to say if we would have received the monetary gift or not.

We started the day at the visitor center and walked to Colonial Williamsburg. We crossed a footbridge and every few feet we 'went back in time'. We especially liked this.

The trees and flowers are gorgeous. There are so many gardens many are sculptured! We toured the Randolph House. It is huge, taking up a good portion of the 4 acres. Hard to believe that 3 people needed 27 slaves! Our guide, Brian, was informative and very interesting.

We were in the Court House and the Gun Shop, where Ray had to check out one of the guns.

After visiting a few other places, we had lunch at Chowning's Tavern, and made our way to the Governor's Palace. Our guide was personable and  informative. It was well worth the short wait to get in.

The Palace and the grounds are incredible. I think I need at least 20 pictures to show all of the gardens and the maze.

The colors used in the rooms were bright! This is the ballroom.

At Bruton Parish Church we saw Thomas Jefferson's pew as well as those of other greats in our history.

Then we headed to Merchant Square - the modern area.

While we were enjoying ice cream, we met a local fellow who filled us in on some local happenings. Being tired, we were going to catch the shuttle back to the Visitor Center but I got us kicked off! Oh well, you win some...

The adult pool and hot tub were greatly appreciated tonight!

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  1. Kicked off a visitors shuttle bus? You rowdy woman you!



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